Emilie & Scott... 2017-Forever

The Proposal

It took Scott 5 long (but incredible) years to finally work up the courage to propose. So it's no shock that by the time Scott finally proposed, everyone knew about it... except Emilie. The ring was the easy part. The man that introduced them happens to be a gemologist that specializes in diamonds... and owns a few jewelry stores. He did an incredible job helping to create Emilie's perfect ring and in lieu of payment, Scott made him his best man. And also he paid him. The tricky part was where to propose. Scott knew the only thing that really mattered was that Emilie would be able to immediately celebrate with the closest people in her life, her family. That meant another trip to France. While Emilie slept on the long plane ride, Scott wrote and memorized his words: "Emilie, I love you. In truth, I have fallen in love with you a thousand times. Every day we've spent together, there's another laugh, another smile, another kiss... that makes me fall in love with you all over again. And if you say yes... I promise to dedicate my life to making you fall in love with me over and over again too" While Emilie broke into tears (ok fine, they both broke into tears), her brother Fred was secretly taking pictures of the whole thing. It was then that her family all jumped out to surprise us with an engagement party. It was just as he imagined, and everything she hoped for.